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Sebec Lake Maine: A Haven for the Wildlife Enthusiast

Sebec Lake is a freshwater lake located in the central part of the State of Maine and a short distance from the town of Dover-Foxcroft. It is a popular getaway area for those who love the rugged outdoors.

There are plenty of things to do year-round at Sebec Lake, Maine to include fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, and even snowmobiling. There are also first-class lodging facilities such as the Sebec Lake Lodge. This lodge has 6 bedrooms and plenty of amenities to include kitchen, game room, exercise room, Jacuzzi, and whirlpool.

Fishing can be done either on the bank or by boat. The lake is stocked with fish species such as salmon, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, brook trout, and many others.

The lake also offers some support infrastructure located in Sebec Village. It is here that you can go shopping at the Sebec Village Shops which offers such things as groceries, camping supplies, and gifts. Sebec Village’s support facilities for visitors and guests include a post office, fax, and copy service. They even have a UPS pickup point.

If you are searching for a way to spend your 4th of July weekend, the Sebec Lake community offers attractions here as well. They have a traditional parade to commemorate America’s Independence Day along with other activities such as barbeque, horseshoes, and even road racing.

For the serious whitetail buck hunter, the Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) located around the lake offers some of the best hunting challenges in the region. In fact, there are two Wildlife Management Districts in the region with WMD 14 located to the north and WMD 17 to the south. WMD 17 has a buck harvest of around 150 bucks per square mile and WMD 14 has 50 bucks per square mile.

For those who love adventure, the Baxter and Mount Katahdin parks are located just a short drive from Sebec Lake. And, if you want to explore even farther, you can find Maine’s Atlantic coastline at a short distance from the lake as well. Make plans to visit Sebec Lake for your next span of free time and take in all that the area has to offer.