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SebecLake.com is a free online service to local residents and travelers. It is supported by local merchants and businesses. They want to earn your business and are reaching out to you, to make it easy for you to support them.

Residents: This site is about you and your community. We encourage you to Add your Profile and log-on to participate.About Us

Businesses: If your business is not here please Add your Business and show our viewers who and where you are.

SebecLake.com is managed by Website Advertising, Ltd.  Website Advertising, Ltd. was established back in February of 1998.  We specialize in electronic online directories.  We believe they are helpful and user-friendly, and have many advantages over the traditional paper print directories.  Read on and you will see why…

SebecLake.com can bring residents and consumers to merchants and businesses quickly and more efficiently than a Yellow type Book.  Why fumble through hundreds of pages when you can browse online with just a few clicks of the mouse?

You may find SebecLake.com more accurate and up-to-date than a typical Yellow Book.  One major problem with print directories is that they are usually printed just once a year.  This leaves out many new merchants while it leaves in old merchants that have gone out of business since date of print.  Babylon.town is updated 365 days a year, not once a year.  We welcome new merchants any day of the year and remove old listings that are out of business.

SebecLake.com is environmentally eco-friendly and green.  When the year is over, there is no paper book to throw out.  Best of all, Babylon.town will not take up valuable space in your closet.  Go Green through “electronic online” verses “paper print”.

If you would like to contribute Articles and Content to this site please feel free to do so or Contact Us.